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Convert Scientific Notation to Decimal?

TopWe can represent any real number in Scientific Notations as we all know that with the help of scientific notations we can represent a very big number in a very simple form. Any natural Numbers can be used as representing scientific notations .scientific notation is a way that is used by scientist for simplifying the expressions means they convert large values to smaller values for example
.00000000567 can be written as 5.67 * 10-9 its very simple to calculate and also very simple to understand, to represent this you just need to see number of zeros, as you see in the above example are 8 zeros and we shift decimal to nine places so 10-9 is there if the decimal shifted to right side then minus power comes and if it is shifted to left side positive power comes on the given variable. Now we will see an example how we can convert scientific notation to decimal.
Example: Convert 5 * 10-8 in to Decimals?
Solution: as we all know that for converting the above number into decimal you must have a very good knowledge of decimals. As we know that if powers are in minus form then we have to put number of zeros equal to power in left side and if power is in positive then we have to put the number of zeros equal to power in right hand side. Now we will see how we can convert the above problem in decimal
As in the above problem we are having the power as -8 so we have to put seven zeros in the left side. So we write this as,
In this way we can put any given number in decimal form and it is the simplest technique that we can use.