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Formula for Slope

TopIn mathematics, if we want to find the Slope between two axis then it is very essential that parameters or points are given to us. Like if we are given co-ordinate points of two axis ‘X’ and ‘Y’ then there is a formula for Slope which is,
Slope =m = (y2-y1)/(x2-x1),
Where ‘x1’, ‘x2’ are the co-ordinates of X- axis,
And ‘y1’, ‘y2’ are the co-ordinates of Y- axis,
Let’s take an example:-
If we have ‘X’ co-ordinate (1, 4) and ‘Y’ co-ordinates (5, 3) than in that case by using the formula of slope,
Slope = m = (y2 - y1) / (x2 - x1),
So by putting the values of co-ordinates
m = (5 - 3)/ (1 - 4),
So the slope between these axis is -2/3.
If we talk about slope according to Algebra and we have a linear equation which have a slope than formulate linear equation in terms of slope,
Y = mx + b,
Now we have to calculate the value of ‘b’ because the value of slope ‘m’ is known to us. After that rewrite the equation,
b = y – mx,
Now we assume the two points (1, 2) in the above equation,
b=2 - (5 * 1),
And therefore the value of b = 1.5.
Here ‘b’ is also the y- axis intercept which is the value of ‘y’ where the equation term intersects the y- axis. To cross check again we assume other points (5, 4) and we have to find out the value of ‘b’ so by putting these co-ordinates on the above equation.
b = 4 - (.5 * 5),
b = 1.5,
So according to the value of the linear equation is,
y = .5x + 1.5,
To understand it more deeply we take an example where we have a line and the slope of that line is 9 which passes through the co-ordinate (7, 5) and we have to write the equation for that so according to the above formula,
b = y – mx,
b = 5 – 9 * 7,
b = -58,
By putting the value of ‘b’ in standard form of linear slope equation.
y = 9x – 58,
So it is necessary while finding a slope that co-ordinates should be given to us.