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How to Add and Subtract Scientific Notation?

TopA number written in the scientific notation is expressed as the product of a number between 1 to 10 and a number that is the power of 10 means to say that it is of the form that is written as a quantity whose coefficient is between 1 and 10 and the base is 10.
The important thing that should be remembered during the addition and subtraction of the scientific notation is that the exponents must be same, if they are not then the first step is to make change in one of the Numbers so that both exponential have equal value.
The general format for the addition of the scientific notation is,
(x * 10n) + (y * 10n) = (x + y) n*10n,
Now we will see how to add and subtract scientific notation.
After making them equal in value the second step is to add ‘x’ and ‘y’ numbers together and express them as an answer. The resulting answer should be put in the proper Scientific Notations.
For example: Add the following,
(2.00 * 103) + (5.10 * 105),
=> (2.00 * 103) + (510 * 103) = 512 * 103
This is already in the proper form. No need to convert it.
The general form for the subtraction is as follows,
(x * 10n) - (y * 10n) = (y - x) n*10n,
As the same in the addition first need is to make the exponents equal in the value.
The second step is to subtract the number ‘y’ from ‘x’ and then express it as an answer.
The final answer will be obtained by multiplying the result by the 10n.
For example subtract the following,
(4.23 * 104) – (9.56 * 103),
(42.3 * 103) – (9.56 * 103),
(42.3 – 9.56) (103),
(32.74 * 103),
The proper form for the subtraction is the same as 32.74 * 103.