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How to Divide Monomials?

TopA monomial can be defined as a kind of polynomial which contains only one term or we can say monomial contains single term. We can also say it as an algebraic expression with only one term. Examples of monomials are 2x, x2, 4, xy etc. Here we will see how to divide monomials.
For Dividing Monomials we need to follow steps shown below:
1. In first step divide the coefficients of monomials if present.
2. In second step divide the variable terms, in case of like variables we can subtract the powers of variables.
3. After simplification we get the result.
We can understand how to divide monomials with help of an example shown below:
Suppose we have to divide two Polynomials that are 4 x2 y and 2xy. The steps for division of these monomials are shown below:
1. First divide coefficients i.e. 4 / 2 = 2.
2. Now divide x2 y by xy, we get x2 – 1 y1 - 1.
3. Here our result will be equals to 2 x.
Now we have to divide 25 x2yz and 5 xy.
1. In first step we will divide coefficients, we will get 25 / 5 which is equals to 5.
2. Now divide variable terms, to divide them subtract the exponents of like terms, we get x 2 - 1 y 1 – 1 z.
3. The result of division will be equals to 5xz.
This is the process of dividing polynomials.