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How to Do Algebra 1?

TopAlgebra is an extension of Mathematics from only Numbers that have fixed values to English alphabets that represent such values. These values are called variables as they don’t have any fixed value like mathematical numbers. If we say '5', we Mean 5 but when we say 'a' in Algebra, it does not specify any fixed value.

Here we will see how to do Algebra 1. When we say that the area of a Rectangle is l * b, these ‘l’ & ‘b’ are nothing but variables which can be assigned different values depending on the dimensions of the rectangle for which we have to find the area. Thus l * b is the generalized formula to find the area of a rectangle which means that we have to find the product of the measures of the length & breadth of the given rectangle.

The fixed & variable values in algebra are brought together by the operations of =, -, * & /. When these values are joined with * or /, we get the terms & these terms in turn, are joined with the help of ‘=’ & ‘- ‘ symbols.
Such relation of terms gives us algebraic expressions. Depending on the number of terms, the expressions are called monomial if they have only 1 term; as 2x, 45, 6a, etc. are monomials. Binomials have 2 terms as 3v + t, 5y - 8, 6 + 2 / 3a are binomials. If the number of terms is 3 then they are called trinomials like 4 - 5x + y is a trinomial and we can generalize them as Polynomials. This is all about algebra 1.