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How to do Scientific Notation Problems?

TopScientific notations problem can be solved easily, you just need to have basic knowledge of powers and Decimals. As we already know that Scientific Notations are used to minimize and simplify our problem, if we have to do the addition of two long decimal Numbers then scientific notation is the simplest way to solve this type of problem. Even it is very difficult to do the multiplication of long decimal numbers but with the help of scientific notations we can do it quite easily. Now we will see how to do scientific notation problems.
They can be well understood by an example but before that we will understand the basics of scientific notation. If we have to add two large digit decimal number like 0.000009 and .00006. Then we first convert them into scientific form as 9* 10-6 and 6*10-5 .but we need to remember that if we have to add two numbers then powers of both the numbers will be same. But in the above case they are not same so for equalizing the power we need to write the numbers as 0.9 * 10-5 and 6 * 10-5 as the powers are now equal now we easily add them and our result will be 6.9 * 10-5, now with help of an example we will understand how we can perform multiplication operation.
Example: Multiply 0.9999 and 0.98776?
Solution: For multiplication there is no need to equalize the power but firstly we will convert them in to decimal,
999.9 * 10-3 * 9877.6 * 10-4,
As we know that powers are added up in the multiplication so the power after addition will be -7 and result after multiplication will be
9876612.24 * 10-7,
We can also rewrite the above equation as 9.87661224 * 10-1.
In this way we solve scientific notation problems.