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How to Find the Value of a Variable?

TopVariable is an unknown part of any expression or any equation. Equation is used to find out the value of variable. Equation is made of Numbers and variables which has two sides. We have to maintain equality on both sides of equation, so we are supposed to find out the value of variable. As we place the value of variable in equation it will generate the equality on both sides. Now let us learn how to find the value of a variable.

As we know that an equation is made of variables and numbers. We have to find out value of variable from the equation. We can follow different methods to get value of a variable. Let us take a simple equation to understand the method of finding value of variable.
2x + 5 = 9.

This is an equation. Here 'x' is the variable and 2, 5 and 8 are numbers. Now we have to find out the value of x.
In order to find the value of 'x' first of all move all numeric values on one side and others on different side. We will move all numeric values at right side as:
2x = 9 – 5,
2x = 4,
Here 2 is the coefficient of variable 'x', so we need to remove this coefficient. We will transfer it to the right side as:
x = 4 / 2,
x = 2,

We can verify the answer by placing the value of variable in equation. If value maintains the equality on both sides then value of variable is valid.
2x + 5 = 9,
2 * 2 + 5 = 9,
4 + 5 = 9,
9 = 9,
So x = 2 is valid for this equation.