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How to Simplify Expressions With Variables?

TopIn mathematics, to represent data, we use an identifier like we represent 5 as ‘x’, then we write this form x = 5. Now if any identifier changes their value after some operations, then this identifier is known as a variable like y = a2 + 2, for each value of ‘a’, value of ‘y’ changes and an expression is a collection of variable with some operators like addition operator, subtraction operator, multiplication operator and division operator like z = a + b * c / d.
Now we will discuss how to simplify expressions with variables:
For simplifying the expressions with variables, we use following steps-
Step 1: First of all we find out the value of each and every variable like we have an expression
s = x + y * z, where x = 2, y = 4 and z = 2, then we put values of x, y and z in this equation and it produces s = 2 + 4 * 2 as a result.
Step 2: Now we apply PEMDAS Order of Operations on given equation like we have above equation
s = 2 + 4 * 2, then first we perform multiplication.
s = 2 + 8, and at last we perform addition, which produces s = 10 as a result.
Now we take some examples on an expression that contains at least one variable-
Example: Solve the given expression and find out the value of ‘E’ in following equation-
E + 4 = 11?
Solution: In above equation, there is only one variable ‘E’, so this equation is known as one step solution. Therefore we use only one step to solve this variable -
=> E + 4 = 11,
=> E = 11 – 4,
=> E = 7.