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How to Simplify Expressions?

TopExpressions can be simplified by following the order of operations. Here we will see how to simplify expressions. A certain hierarchy of operation is followed in order to get results. If hierarchy of operation is followed, every time we get the same result after solving the expression. While solving expressions, we follow BODMAS, where we have ‘B’ for Bracket, ‘O’ for OF operation, ‘D’ for Division operation, ‘M’ for Multiplication process, ‘A’ for Addition and ‘S’ for subtraction process. Here we say that expression should be observed such that we will first check if there are any braces in the expression then it is solved first. After opening the bracket we look for “Of “operation and simplify the expression. Then we search for Division in the expression and solve the expression for division, followed by the search of multiplication operation in the expression and then it is processed. In a situation where we are left with the expression containing only Addition and Subtraction operation then we will first perform the Addition operation in the expression and then subtraction operation in the expression.

If proper order is followed step by step, then the chances of errors in getting the solution of the expression reduce. One thing should be remembered that when terms are in the form of fraction Numbers then we must take care that rules of performing operations of fraction numbers must be followed. So if two fraction numbers are to be added or subtracted, we need to check if the two Fractions are in the form of like fractions or not. In case the two fractions are unlike fractions, they are converted into like fractions and then added or subtracted.