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How to Write a Polynomial in Standard Form?

TopIn mathematics we have a particular representation of every equation. We call it standard form. Standard form is not the “correct form” it’s just a style on which everyone is agreed. Let us see how to write a polynomial in standard form.
There is a standard form to write Polynomials. Basically polynomials have some variables and some constants in it. These variables may have some degree over them. We call these degrees as exponents.

We have to put the highest degree term at first place. After putting highest degree term at first place we search the term with next highest degree, put it at the second place and so on. We have to remember that we place the constant term at last Position in polynomial.

For example: Suppose we have a polynomial 2x2 – 6 + 4x3 + x5, this is a polynomial. We have to write this polynomial in standard form. So now we will search the term with highest degree, we select the term x5, put it at the first place. Now search the term with degree less than x5 and greater than other remaining terms, we select 4x3 and then 2x2 will be selected. After all terms we place the constant term.

So the polynomial will be in standard form:
x5 + 4x3 +2x2 – 6.
This is the standard form of polynomial.
Same rule applies to negative polynomial also. We put the minimum negative term at first place in the polynomial equation and then we put the second minimum term and so on. Constant term will be placed at last place.