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How to Write in Scientific Notation?

TopScientific notations are those notations which are used by scientists in experiments. While performing major experiments they get very large numerical values, so for the simplification they discovered new Scientific Notations. With the help of scientific notations we can represent any large value which contains decimal in very simpler form. But for solving any type of problem in scientific notations we must have very good knowledge of powers which are over a given number. If we write a number like 5* 102, it means that 5*100 = 500, so as we see that if power is 2 over ten that means two zeros in front of two. If we are having a expression 4 * 10-2 it means that .004, so whenever we have any power in minus then we have to put two zeros in left with a decimal. Now we will see how to write in scientific notation? For writing scientific notations we have to follow the points given below,
If we are having power in minus then we have to put zeros in left and zeros will be one less than the power, and if we are having power in plus then we have to put zeros in right and zeros will be equal to power. Now we will see an example how we can convert a number in scientific notation.
Example: Convert .00000008 in to scientific notation?
Solution: As we are seeing in the problem there are eight zeros in the left of eight and we have to remove all the zeros from left side, so when we remove zeros from left side the power added will be in minus, so we can write our equation as,
8 * 10-9. This is the required solution of the given problem.