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Introduction to Algebra 1


Algebra came from the Arabic word 'al-jebr' which means reunion of broken parts, is the branch of mathematics that refers the rules of operations and Relations and the concepts arising from them.

Algebras can be classified in the following categories

Elementary Algebra

Abstract algebra

Linear algebra

Universal algebra

Algebraic theory

Algebraic number theory

Algebra 1 etc.

Algebra includes addition subtraction, multiplication and division (four basic operations), order of operations, least common multiple, fractions , integers, combining like properties, distributive properties, polynomials, factorization, number theory, analysis etc. These are the basics of mathematics which shows their use in every branch of mathematics. This is the basic of mathematical by which one starts to learning.

The fundamental theorem of Algebra 1 refers to the Polynomials states that every non constant single variable polynomial with complex coefficients has at least one complex root.

It can also be rewritten as

“Every non zero single variable polynomial with complex coefficients has complex roots equal to its degree.”Elementary algebra is a part of curriculum in secondary education refers to the concept of variables representing Numbers. In short Elementary algebra provides finite ways of managing the infinite for example the Area of a Circle πr2, where r refers infinitely possible computations.