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What are Some Examples from Real Life in which you might use Polynomial Division?

TopPolynomial division is performed on polynomial expressions. Polynomial expression is normally represented as Ratio of two Polynomials. Algebraic expression in denominator and numerator are also polynomials and simple mathematical division is applied on polynomials. Polynomial divisions can be used in various fields of real life. Let’s see what are some examples from real life in which you might use polynomial division? Following examples show that there is a vast use of polynomial division in real life. Polynomial division is widely used by pharmacists in field of pharmacy and drug manufacturers in order to determine whether proper amount of drug is being given to patients and proper amount of elements is added into medicine during its composition. A chemist may use a polynomial division to derive a chemical formula for a chemical compound. Pharmaceutical companies may use polynomial division in manufacturing of drugs. Polynomial division can also be used in mathematics and engineering or any scientific work. Let’s take an example in which area of Rectangle is given as p2 + 4a + 4 (inch) 2 and width of rectangle is (p + 2) then to calculate length of rectangle, we can use polynomial division as shown below

Since area = length * width,

Then length = area / width,

= (p2 + 4a + 4) / (p + 2),

Using Factorization process in numerator of above expression, we get

= (p + 2) (p + 2) / (p + 2),

(p + 2) in the numerator and denominator cancel each other and finally, we get length of box or rectangle.
Length = (p + 2),

Thus polynomial division is very useful to solve many mathematical problems.