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Zeros of Polynomials

TopA polynomial expression refers to summation of monomials. The Polynomials that have one variable and here we are discussing about them. Two polynomials are Set equals to each other in a polynomial equation.
Terms are factors of a polynomial if they are multiplied they equal that polynomial. For example
x2 + 2x – 15 = (x – 3) (x + 5),
Here (x – 3) and (x + 5) are the factors of the polynomial this is given in the problem and there is only one way that a product is equals to zero if one or more than one factors are zero. Like in the above example the expression x2 + 2x – 15 would be equals to zero if,
x2 + 2x – 15 = 0,
(x – 3) (x + 5) = 0,
=> x = 3 and x = -5,
If the variable ‘x’ have the values 3 or -5 then only the expression could be equal to zero.
If we put the factors of a polynomial equal to zero then this gives the solution of the expression when the polynomial expression equals to zero. Another solution of a polynomial is to take the roots of a polynomial.
A polynomial function is generally written in the terms of function notation
g (x) = x2 + 2x – 15,
y = x2 + 2x – 15,
If the polynomial function is put to the zero then the zeroes of the polynomial function are the solutions of the given equation. The zeros of polynomials function are the solutions to the polynomial equation when the polynomial equals to the value zero. The zeros of the polynomial are the values of the variable 'x' when the polynomials equals to the value zero.