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Algebra Word Problems

TopAlgebra is the branch of mathematics which basically deals with the constant values and the variables. We say that the mathematical statements can be written in the form of the algebraic expressions with the use of Algebra and its terms. By use of certain rules Algebra word problems can be solved. The most important thing to be remembered to solve the algebraic word problems is to break it into small expressions and then join together the expressions using the relation between them. We come across certain word problems of algebra which include some of the following problems:
Various problems related to the ages of two or more persons can be solved using algebra. Here we will find the method of solving the equation by first creating the Relations between the ages of the persons through the expressions.
Another type of problem we solve using algebra is the problem of relation of consecutive Numbers. These numbers can be consecutive Natural Numbers, consecutive even or Odd Numbers. Such problems can be solved by assuming the series of the consecutive numbers using the given relations.

Another type of problem is assuming a two digit or a three digit number, finding its reverse number and then by creating the equation, we get the value of the assumed numbers. Such problems are called the digit problems.
Another type of problems solved by using algebra is the problem of solving the fraction number. We say that the fraction number has a numerator and the denominator. In order to find the value of the numerator and the denominator, we will form the equations showing the relation of the two unknown values and thus the equations are formed and solved to get the value of the variable.
Even the problems related to the geometric figures and Ratio and proportion can also be solved using algebra.