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Applications of Quadratic Equations

TopQuadratic equations means an equation which is written in form of ax2 + bx + c = 0. In real life we come across many practical problems which are related to applications of our life. If we know area of Rectangle, and difference of length and the breadth is given, then equation so formed is in form of Quadratic Equation. So we say that on solving such equation we get values of sides of rectangle. Here we will look at other Applications of Quadratic Equations.

We come across real life problems of speed and time which are solved by forming quadratic equations and thus values are calculated by simply Solving Equations. Besides this problems related to time and distance are also solved by forming equations which are in standard form of quadratic equations.

With help of quadratic equations we can plot graphs; we say that curves so formed are in shape of parabolas, circle, ellipse or even in shape of hyperbolas. Quadratic equation also helps us to do calculations required for astronomy and science related to it. Certain problems related to gravitational force also form quadratic equations.
We also come across real life problems of movement of the car in a particular direction with certain speed and acceleration, then we say that equation so formed for solving problems related to such problems are also in form of quadratic equations. So it is necessary to learn method of Solving Quadratic Equations and finding its roots so that problems related to it is solved and we will get solution to given problems.