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How Many Lines of Symmetry Does a Rectangle Have?

TopA Rectangle is a four sided Polygon which is in the form of a Parallelogram. We say that rectangle is a special kind of quadrilateral, which has pair of opposite sides equal and all angles of rectangle are of 90 degrees.
Here we will discuss about how many lines of Symmetry does a rectangle have. Word symmetrical means same. By term line of symmetry we Mean that line which divides the figure in two equal halves, such that two parts are exactly same in all respects. Lines of symmetry are drawn and represented by dotted lines. Different figures have different lines of symmetry. We must Always remember that irregular figures have no line of symmetry, which means that there exist no such line which divides the figure in two equal halves. In case of rectangle, we say that this quadrilateral has 2 lines of symmetry as compared to 4 lines of symmetry in a Square.
Let us look which are lines of symmetry of rectangle.
In a rectangle, if we join mid points of opposite sides of rectangle, we find that line of symmetry is formed and as there are two pairs of opposite sides in a rectangle, so we say that rectangle has 2 lines of symmetry. Also we observe that on joining mid points of opposite sides of rectangle, we get two rectangles which overlap each other and thus these lines are called as lines of symmetry.
On joining diagonals of rectangle, we observe that two Triangles are formed but they do not overlap each other. Thus we come to conclusion that diagonals of rectangle are not lines of symmetry.