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How to Get Answers for Math Problems?


Math problems are based on different concepts. Here we will discuss How to get answers for Math problems? Answer to this question is based on the fact which concept is being referred to in the given problem. For instance, suppose we have a math problem saying what is the area of a triangle with base 4 units and height 8 units? Now this problem is based on geometrical theories of mathematics. To get answer to this question we first find out the formula that is to be used in this problem. Problem talks about the Area of Triangle whose area is given as:

A = (1 / 2) x height x base,
Substituting the values of height and base in formula we get value of area as:
A = (1 / 2) x 4 x 8 = 16 Square units,

Like this there can be numerous concepts in math to find the answers to problems. Suppose we have problems related to conic sections then equations and characteristics of the conic section like Circle, ellipse, parabola and Hyperbola are referred. In case problems are based on Geometry of lines then general form of lines and their properties are referred. Let us consider one more example based on lines.

Example: Find the value of 'c' for which lines:

5 x + c y = 12


5 x + 6 y = 15 are parallel.

Solution: According to problem the concept of lines is being discussed and particularly we are talking about Parallel Lines. In our example for lines to be parallel have condition:

5 /5 = c /6 ≠12 /15,

Solving first Set of equations we get value 'c' as follows:

5 /5 = c /6,

Or c = 6.