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Does a Cone Have a Vertex?

TopA three dimensional surface that has circular base and one vertex is known as Cone. Vertex of a cone is also known as apex of a cone. Here we will discuss does a cone have a vertex. According to the definition of cone we can say that a cone has one vertex (apex). It is obtained by the Set of possible lines which passes through vertex (apex) of a cone. In other word, a cone is a Solid object which can be formed by revolution of a right – angled triangle along one side adjacent to a Right Angle. A three dimensional solid figure in which base is a Circle is tapered. There are some properties of a cone which are:
In a cone two faces, one edge and one vertex is present. The flat side of a cone is known as base of cone. If we rotate a triangle then a new shape is obtained that shape is also known as cone.
Let us talk about some formulas which are related to cone. Suppose if we want to calculate surface area of base then formula is given by:
Surface area of base = ⊼ * r2,
Surface area of side = ⊼ * r * s,
Or Surface area of side = ⊼ * r * √ (r2 + h2),
Volume of a cone = ⊼ * r2 * (h / 3),
Here ‘H’ denotes the height of a cone, ‘r’ is the radius of a cone and ‘s’ represents the side length of a cone.