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How to Make a Cone Shape Out of Paper?

TopA cone is a three dimensional structure, which consists of one vertex and one base. It is tapered from circular base to top till the vertex. It is also defined as locus of Set of many straight lines joined together to form a structure known as cone. The tip of the cone is also known as vertex or apex. The height of cone can be calculated from center or base of Circle and radius of base of circle can be calculated from the Center of Circle. Now we will see how to make a cone shape out of paper:
Before that, let us go through things which are required to make a cone:
a. Paper of a good Quality of any specific color you want.
b. A scissor for cutting purpose.
c. A glue stick for pasting purpose
d. Some sparkle for decoration.
Steps to be followed:
1. Firstly, take a paper sheet of a good Quality of any color.
2. Secondly, take measurement and cut the triangle which should be an Equilateral Triangle.
3. After cutting triangle neatly, attach both slant sides of triangle together and attach one side to another through Gluestick, till vertex of cone is made.
4. The vertex should be a sharp pointing edge.
5. Now cone is ready to decorate.
6. You can use sparkle to decorate your cone, or you can use any other decorative material to make your cone look more beautiful.
Cone will look like a picture described below after following above mentioned steps: