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How to Make an Equation from a Table?


Linear equations in Math can also be framed using a coordinate table. This table basically contains values of x - coordinates and y – coordinates. According to given information coordinates that best suit are chosen to get linear equation. For this we must have knowledge about how to evaluate the Slope and y - intercept from given information. Once the linear equation has been found values that are based on information we have can also be evaluated. For instance, a linear equation can be used to find out financial growth of any organization based on previous year data. So, how to make an equation from a table?

Suppose you have the following table:

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X – coordinates

Y – coordinates













Choose any two pairs of coordinates from above table. For example, we select (7, 8) and (9, 4).

Our 1st step would be subtracting y - coordinates of respective pairs. In our example, we will subtract 8 from 4: 4 – 8 = - 4.

Similarly, we subtract x – coordinates of respective pairs. In our example, we would subtract 7 from 9: 9 – 7 = 2.

Next divide y – coordinates difference by difference of x – coordinates. This evaluates the slope of linear equation. In our example we would divide -4 by 2 to -2 as our slope.

Next find the product of any one x- coordinate and slope that we found in previous step. Then subtract this result from corresponding y- coordinate to get y – intercept of equation. In our example we would multiply -2 by 7 to get -14 and then we subtract -14 from 8 to get 22 as our y-intercept.

Substitute known values in the equation: y = mx + c to get y = -2x + 22.