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An Angle Whose Measure is 180 Degrees?

TopA shape which is formed by two lines and both the lines are emerging from a common Point is known as angle. Now we will see an angle whose measure is 180 degrees. An angle which has the exact measure 180 degree is known as straight angle or we can say a straight line also represents the 1800 angle. Both the interior and exterior angles of a straight angle is 180 degree. There are different types of angle: Acute angle; Right angle; Obtuse angle; straight angle, reflex angle; full angle.
The two lines which are combined to form less than 90 degree is known as Acute Angle or having measure less than 90 degree radian. The angle is exactly 90 degree is known as Right Angle. The angle which lies between 90 degree and 180 degree is known as Obtuse Angle. The angle which is exactly 180 degree is known as straight angle. The angles which lie between 180 degree and 360 degree are known as reflex angle. When a line makes a Circle then it form exactly 360 degree angle which is known as full angle.
The point where two lines meet is known as vertex. Two straight lines of an angle are known as arms of an angle. The Geometry acute angle figure which is obtained by the two lines.
With the help of right angle Triangles we can make a right angle. The degree and radian units are used to define the angles. The angle which defines the terms radian is dimensionless. The Diameter of an acute angle is 1/60 radian. When sum of two angles is 360 degree then the angle is known as conjugate angle.