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Fundamentals of Geometry

Geometry is branch of mathematics that deals with the shapes, relative positions of the shapes and properties of space. The word Geometry has been taken from the Greek words ‘geos’ meaning earth and the ‘metron’ meaning measures. For the purposes like astronomy navigation, to design the structure of the building etc. the mathematics field geometry is used. The study of angles, triangles, perimeters and areas and volumes the structures are included in geometry.

Fundamental Of Geometry includes the shapes and properties of the geometrical objects. It’s like playing with the objects or drawing the structures. Geometry Fundamentals can be classified in two categories plane geometry and Solid geometry. Plane geometry is all about the shapes on a flat surface and those shapes can be drawn on a piece of paper. The plane geometry includes the shapes like points, lines, planes etc. while solid geometry is for the description of three dimensional objects like cubes, pyramids etc.

The other shapes like Triangles, circles, areas and volumes of the geometric structures, polygons and angles are the part of the fundamentals of geometry. Geometry is the detailed topic and the sub topics have also their categories. There are a number of symbols that are used in geometry. To show the perpendicular line, the Right Angle, the Parallel Lines, the triangles, the arrays and rays and lines for all the major things symbols are used.

Points are the basics and smallest thing in geometry. Points generally represented with a dot. Points are used to show the Position. A line is a one dimensional object that has no width and no height. The lines can have the infinite length. The line basically is the collection of the points on the same line. The points that are located on the same line are called Collinear Points.

Postulates in geometry are used as the true statements and it’s not necessary to prove them. These are used in the numerical problems. The postulates deal with two purposes the first is to explain undefined terms and the second one is to prove the other statements.

A plane is a two dimensional surface. Any Point on a plane is used to define with two co ordinates that show the x- axis and the y- axis. A Ray is the line that extends from one endpoint and continues till the end. It’s used to listing the endpoint and then another point on the ray. Angles are the measurement between two rays or lines.