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How are Perpendicular Lines Similar to Intersecting Lines?

TopLines can be defined as joining of two points by a straight connection. This connection formed between two points is said to be a line. There are different types of lines, they are differentiated as Set of Parallel Lines, set of Perpendicular Lines, intersecting lines and many more. Now we must know about how are perpendicular lines similar to Intersecting Lines. For this we must know what are intersecting lines and what are perpendicular lines; Intersecting lines are defined as lines which meet each other at a particular Point. If a line passes through another line then it is said to be intersecting that line and perpendicular lines are defined as lines which meets other line forming an angle of 90 degree. Thus, we can also say that perpendicular lines are similar to intersecting lines with a simple difference of angles formed between them. Intersecting lines forming an angle of 90 degree with each other are known as perpendicular lines. Thus, there is not much difference between intersecting and perpendicular lines. Suppose we have a pair of two lines which are going to meet each other at any point if these lines meet then it is said to be intersecting lines and if angle between the lines are obtained as 90 degree then we can consider them as perpendicular lines.

Diagrammatically intersecting and perpendicular lines are represented as follows:

In the above figure, we can see that in first figure line AB and CD are meeting each other at a point. Line which passes another line by any angle is known as intersecting lines but in second figure we can see that lines are meeting each other at an angle of 90 degree then these lines are said to be perpendicular lines.