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How Many Sides Does a Heptagon Have?

TopGeometrically, a heptagon is a type of a Polygon which is comprised of seven sides and seven angles. Sides or arms of heptagon are also known as line segments. All sides and angles of heptagon are similar. Sometimes heptagon is also called as septagon. Sides of the heptagon form an angle of 128.6° that is edges of heptagon meet to form an angle of 128.6°. Here we will discuss how many sides does a heptagon have?
Regular heptagon is shown below:

Let the side of heptagon be 'l'. Then area 'S' of heptagon of side length 'l' is given by;
S = (7 /4) l2 cot (π / 7),
Hence S ≈ 3.634 l2,

Interior angle and exterior angles of heptagon are 128.571° and 51.43° respectively. The number of diagonals and Triangles in a heptagon are 14 and 5 respectively. Number of triangles are composed by lining the diagonals from a given vertex. Addition of interior angles in a heptagon is equals to 900°. Diagonals are calculated as 7. (7 - 3) / 2 = 14.
Addition of interior angles can be calculated as (7 − 2) · 180° = 900°.
Central angle of heptagon will be derived by dividing 360° (or 2π radians) with 7 and hence 360° / 7 = 51.43°.
Perimeter of a heptagon is P = 7.1.
Area of a heptagon can also be calculated by (Perimeter + Apothem) / 2.
If we calculate the parallel sides in a heptagon, there will be utmost 3 pairs for a convex heptagon. Otherwise it depends on type of heptagon.