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How to Add and Subtract Line Segments?

When we cut a part of a straight line from anywhere in the line then this part is called Line Segment. This Line Segment is limited by two points since it is cut from mid of the line hence line segment has fixed Point on its corner. These points, on which line segment ends are called endpoints.
Here 'X' and 'Y' represent endpoints which limit the line segments and 'p' is representing the length of line.
There are many types of line segments which are equal line segment, consecutive line segment, aligned line segment etc. the two line segments can be said similar when they are kept on each other, they match or overlap each other. Consecutive line segment have same end point. Two line segments are equal when they are an overlapping match.
Different types of operations which can be performed with line segments are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with a number and line segment can also be divided into parts.
Lets see how to add and subtract line segments.
1) Addition of line segments: Addition of two segments generate another segment whose endpoints are comprised of beginning endpoint of first segment and last endpoint of second segment.
Suppose we want to add WZ line segment in XY line segment. Then endpoint of new segment are X (starting endpoint of the XY segment) and Z (last endpoint of the WZ line segment).
Subtraction of line segments: Subtraction of two segments generate another segment whose center is the endpoint of smaller segment and endpoint is the endpoint of larger segment. Length of created segment is the difference of lengths of two segments.
In above figure, line segment RS is subtracted from larger line segment PQ.