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How to Construct a Trapezium?

TopTrapezium is having four side flat shape and straight sides. There is no parallel side present in a trapezium. It is also a type of quadrilateral but in this there is no parallel side. If we draw a quadrilateral randomly then it would be satisfy a property of trapezium.
Now we see how to construct a trapezium?
For constructing a trapezium we have to follow some of the step:
Step 1: Construction of a trapezium is very simple because there is no parallel side present in a trapezium.
Step2: We have to find the length of all side of a trapezium.
Step3: After that we have to draw a shape just like a quadrilateral. Or we have to add every line segment end to end.
Step4: After joining every line we get a desired trapezium.
Some of the construction for dividing a trapezium into other parts of area,
A Trapezium having different methods for finding the area of different shapes,
In a trigonometric way for dividing a trapezium ‘PQUT’ which is having base ‘PQ’, where the Point ‘R’ lies in between ‘P’ and ‘T’ and the point ‘S’ lies in between ‘Q’ and ‘U’, into the quadrilateral PQSR and RSUT. So that the area of quadrilateral PQSR equal to the Area of Triangle PQU and the area of RSUT is equal to the area of triangle PUT.

There are some properties of a trapezium which are:

Area – the formula for finding the area of trapezium is:
Area of trapezium = ½ h (a + b),
Where ‘a’ and ‘b’ are the length of the side.
‘h’ is the height of a perpendicular from a vertex to another side of a trapezium.
Perimeter – the perimeter of a trapezium is the addition of all sides of a trapezium. The formula for finding the perimeter of a trapezium is:
Perimeter of a trapezium = a + b + c + d;
Where a, b, c, d are all the sides of a trapezium.