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How to Construct Rhombus?

TopRhombus is a four sided Polygon that falls in category of quadrilaterals. Measures of sides of Rhombus are same (congruent sides) and also are parallel to each other in pairs. Rhombus has two diagonals bisecting each other at 90 degrees. Like Rectangle and Square, rhombus does not have measure of angles subtended between every pair of sides as 90 degrees. Let us learn how to construct rhombus.

For this we would require 3 circles that overlap each other. Using the centers and points lying on three circles we can draw the vertices or apexes of rhombus. By connecting these vertices we will get the sides of rhombus. So, for making a proper shape we need to be specific with measures of three circles we draw and also the straight edges we sketch after the vertices are obtained.
To start with, 1st draw a line segment of a definite length according to the measure of the side you want for the rhombus and name this Line Segment as AB with A and B as end points. Wide open the protractor such that it equals the length of the Line Segment AB. Place the protractor on any one end Point say 'A' and draw a Circle such that it has radius equals to AB. Let it be the 1st circle. Mark any point on the circumference of the circle as 'C'. Next rub the circle you drew and leave the point 'C' intact. In the same way now place your protractor on the point 'C' and draw another circle of the same Diameter measure i.e. AB. Then place the protractor on the point B to sketch the third circle. Mark the point of Intersection of the second and the third circle as D. Now when we have got four points, remove two circles and join the points. We would find that lengths AC, AB, CD and BD are of same measure and represent a rhombus.