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How to Convert Square Feet to Linear Feet?

TopFoot (plural feet) is defined as a unit of length. Foot is defined in FPS (foot pound second) unit system and is equals to 0.3048 meters exactly in MKS (meter kilogram second) unit system. When unit feet is defined for area, it will be written Square feet (or square foot). Here we will discuss how to convert square feet to linear feet? Square feet (singular square feet) are defined as imperial of area. Square foot can also be defined as area of square with sides of 1 foot in length. Linear feet is that length which is measured in feet. We know that area is product of length and width. So for change of square feet into linear feet, length or width must be in square feet. That is if we know length in linear feet then width will also be in linear feet. Following steps can help us to understand how to convert square feet to linear feet?

1) First of all, find either length or width of area. It must be confirmed that area is measured in square feet.

2) For calculating length in linear feet, area must be divided by width.
Thus area in (feet) 2 / width in feet = length in linear feet.

3) And to find width in linear feet, area will be divided by length.

Thus area in (feet) 2 / length in feet = width in linear feet.
For instance, if area is 300 square feet and width of the house is 30 linear feet then length in square feet will be 300 square feet / 30 feet = 10 linear feet.