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How to Divide a Circle into 7 Equal Parts?

TopCircle can be divided into 2 equal parts by just drawing one Diameter of Circle or 4 equal parts by drawing 2 diameters of circle but dividing a circle into 7 equal parts is not that easy. So here we will discuss some methods to know how to divide a circle into 7 equal parts.
There are two methods to divide a circle into 7 equal parts? They are described below.
First method is much easier. We have to take 360 degrees that is number degrees in any circle and we will divide it into 7 equal parts. So when we divide 360 by 7 it comes out equals to 51.43 if rounded. Thus we just have to take a circle and put an overlapping line on its top and then we have to rotate or we can say copy that line 51.43 degrees for 7 times after which we will get the circle divided into 7 equal parts.
Now let us discuss the second method:
Suppose we make circle whose diameter is 'ab'. Then we have to make a line 'ac' whose length is 14 inch. Next step is to divide the line AC into 7 equal parts which is equals to 2 inch as ad, de, ef, fg, gh, hj and jc.
Then make a line joining points 'c' and 'b'. Now with help of Set Square we have to make a line jj’ which should be parallel to the line cb. Then draw a perpendicular to the diameter at the Point j’ so that it intersects the circumference of circle at point 'k'. Finally we just have to make use of length 'ck' to get the circle divided into 7 equal parts.