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How to do Indirect Proofs?

TopIndirect proofs in Math are used to derive many important formulae or theorems or corollaries. These are generally used when direct proof method is not available. We can call these types of proofs as contradictory methods as they assume a hypothesis in beginning of proof. Let us explain how to do indirect proofs by means of geometrical proofs. In geometries what we actually need is to have a sequence of statements depicting different methods to prove certain geometric relationship. In different areas of study we may have numerous approaches to Set our proofs. Geometric indirect proof would need a method which assumes a hypothetical situation in start & then reaching the conclusion by proving initial hypothesis wrong. Also if proofs that have been completed earlier are considered, overall task becomes easier.

To start with, 1st identify what to prove. Suppose we are considering a geometrical proof, then strategy would be moving in opposite direction of statement to be proved to reach the final statement. Check for proofs that already exist and are suitable to be used for completing your proof. Also note down info given in the problem.

Next we decide the method that has to be followed to explain the proof. We can make one option out of 2 - columnar proof, passage type proof & flow - chart proof. For proper understanding 2 - columnar proof is generally undertaken. In this there will be 2 columns with one having the statements that we write in proofs and other for reasons to specify the purpose of using that statement. This way we can prove that assumed hypothesis is wrong by moving in right direction and hence our initial statement is true.