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How to Draw a Heptagon?

TopWhile studying the topic Geometry in Math, we study about different types of the figures and the various types of the ways to draw them. For example, triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon and many more types of the shapes. Likewise, there is also one shape or figure which we come across sometimes in the theory of geometry. That is, the heptagon. So, in this article, we will discuss some of the important facts about heptagon and we will learn about how to draw a heptagon.

We cannot draw a heptagon just by a compass and a straightedge.

So, we now discuss a very easy and useful method to learn about how to draw a heptagon.

How to Draw a Heptagon
Given below are the steps to draw a heptagon:
  1. Let us consider a circle of yellow color which has a center O.
  2. Then, the first step which we perform to learn about how to draw a heptagon is to find a point A which can be any random point existing on the circle.
  3. After this step, we find the point M which is the midpoint of the line segment OA.
  4. Then, we draw a line which is perpendicular through the point M. This perpendicular line intersects the circle with center O at the point B.
  5. After that we draw a circle by taking B as the center, such that this circle passes through the point M. This circle with center as B intersects the circle with center as O at two different points which happen to be the two points of the heptagon.
  6. Between these 2 points, there also exists another point of the heptagon which is the point B such that these three points are consecutive.
  7. With the help of these three points, we can find the remaining points of the heptagon to draw it.