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How to Draw a Quadrilateral?

TopQuadrilateral is a word formed by Combination of two words i.e. 'Quad' and 'Latus' here 'Quad' means 'Four' and 'Latus' means 'Side'. The sum of internal angles of regular quadrilateral PQRS is equals to 360 degree. We can call a quadrilateral as a Polygon with four sides or edges. Quadrilateral can be any of the following type like: Rhombus, Parallelogram, Rhomboid, Rectangle, Square, Oblong, Trapezoid, Trapezium and Tangential. Now we will see how to draw a Quadrilateral. Let us consider the example for the drawing Quadrilateral:
Let us take a Parallelogram. First let us have a brief idea about parallelogram. A parallelogram is simple Quadrilateral with two pairs of parallel sides. But condition is that opposite sides should be of equal lengths and their diagonals bisect each other and posses a Rotational Symmetry.
Now let us see steps for drawing a Quadrilateral i.e. a parallelogram which are as follows:
1. First draw a line segment of any arbitrary length and mark two end points as 'A' and 'B'.
2. Then at starting Point 'A' of line constructs an angle of 60 degree.
3. Now cut the arc from first end point 'A' of particular length, let us take 4 inch and mark it as point 'D'.
4. Now similarly from point 'B' make an angle of 60 degree now again cut the arc from point 'B' of length same as previous drawn line AD, of 4 inch.
5. Now mark that point as 'C'.
6. Now join the points 'C' and 'D' together, figure formed is known as Parallelogram.
You can see the picture of the parallelogram below:

Now after following above mentioned simple steps, we can easily draw a Parallelogram.