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How to Find the Volume of a Cube?

TopIn mathematics Cube is three dimensional Solid objects which is bounded by six Square faces or sides, with three vertices. A cube has dimensions which are used in Volume of Cube and it is the measurement of the unit of cube. The volume of a cube is represented by cubic unit meter or centimeter. For finding volume of a cube we multiply the length, width, and height and here length, height, width must be equal.
Now we will see how to find the volume of a cube,
Volume of Cube (V) = length ‘x’ width ‘x’ height (Here length, width and height are same because in cube all dimensions are same). It means volume of cube (V) =a3 (here we know the cube is closed with 6 side and each side is equal in length and here length of the cube sides is a (inch))
Let’s see how to solve the how to find the volume of key by example.
Example 1: Find the volume of a cube where side is 4 inch?
Solution: For finding the volume of cube we need to formula of cube.
In this problem we have given side of cube is 4 inch (we know the cube is closed with six sides and each side is equal in length and here cubes side is 4 inch)
We know the formula of volume of a cube V = a3 (Here we are substituting the length of formula)
V = (a x a x a) inch3
(Here ‘a’ is side of a cube and which multiply three times)
V = (4)3 = 64 inch3
In this way we get volume of cube 64 cubic inch.
This is how we find volume of a cube.