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How to Make a Triangle with 5 Pattern Blocks?

TopWe use pattern blocks to understand different mathematical shapes or figures. These blocks have different colors which are joined in such a way that geometric shapes like various types of Triangles, rectangles, parallelograms and various other types of quadrilaterals and polygons are possible to be formed. Once the shapes are formed we can learn how to divide them in proportionate sections, also performing operations like addition, subtraction and other Math theories. This becomes more interesting because the colored shapes so formed are visually more understandable. Let us learn how to make a triangle with 5 pattern blocks.

As we told earlier that these blocks are means to recognize different geometric figures, first we need to find out how many sides will the shape contain. For instance, if we are constructing a triangle, then we would require 3 sides to be made using blocks. After we complete with the counting of number of sides, we identify how many blocks would be needed to get the required shape.

As we are having the number of blocks as 5, we need to arrange them in a particular sequence. If we arrange three blocks in a sequence and two blocks above them, we would get the three sides of the triangle. To get the specific measures of the triangles such that the resultant triangle is isosceles, equilateral or scalene, we would have to be very careful with the arrangement of the pattern blocks. We do not require any ruler to measure the sides as the measurement of the sides is possible by just counting the number of sub – blocks we used to get the sides. The above two blocks would give us two different sides of the triangle and the three below give us the third side of the triangles.