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How to Solve Proofs in Geometry?

TopProof is a logic to solve problems and also to contradict the solutions. So Geometry proofs are used to solve geometry problems. Geometry proofs are used to convert a hypothetical theory to a proper conclusion. There are so many proofs in geometry. To solve proofs we need to follow some basic steps. Let us see how to solve proofs in geometry.

Step 1: First of all we need to read the problem we are given. Now we should make sure that we are given proper information about the problem.

Step 2: Now write down the givens values in problem. Given values are values, which are known to us.

Step 3: Now state the proof or the theorem we want to prove. This is a very important step because we should know that what we want to prove.

Step 4: We use a graph representation for the visualization of problem. This will help us to work on problem graphically. Make a good label for points and make sure to mark the Parallel Lines or congruent angles.

Step 5: Now we will determine the expected answers. We will form a two column chart. This two column chart will have a left part and a right part. Left part will contain statements and right side will contain the reasons.

Step 6: This proof will work but we should remember one thing that each statement should have a reason. If it does not work then go with definition or theorem.

Step 7: Now concentrate on last sentence. The last sentence in the proof should match the statement in theorem.
By following these steps we can prove a geometry proof.