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How to Use A Drawing Compass?

TopCompass is a geometrical instrument or you can say a handy drawing tool which you can carry around and most importantly it is used to draw circles or the parts of a Circle which are called arcs, you can draw equal line segments or can find the midpoint of a Line Segment.

They have their applications in mathematics, drafting, navigation, etc. For those who are not even aware of the term compass, it is usually made of metal and consists of two movable arms which are connected by a hinge that can be adjusted. Out of the two arms one has a pointed end and other one is used to hold some pencil or pen.

It should be noted that a compass can also be called as a pair of compasses.
But here we are going to show you how to use a drawing compass:

Let us start with drawing a circle or an arc, here are the steps:

1. Take the compass and make sure that the hinge of the compass is properly tightened otherwise it can slip off.

2. Now put the pencil or a pen in the holder present in one of the arms and don’t forget to tighten the holder otherwise it can slip.

3. Adjust the tip of the pencil and compass needle such that they lie on same level or are aligned.

4. Now just press down the compass needle on a piece of paper to draw a circle or an arc and then rotate or turn the knob at the top of the drawing compass according to your need.

As some of us don’t know how to use a drawing compass, here is a tip for making a circle of known radius like 4 inch. Take a ruler or scale to Set the distance which should be 4 inch from the compass needle to the pencil holder.