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Intersecting Lines

We come across various lines in our daily life while going for the assembly sessions in the school, while standing for the ticket on the ticket counter and many such places. The lines can be of following types: straight lines, which do not intersect called Parallel Lines, intersecting lines, pair of parallel lines which do not meet at all and a pair of Perpendicular Lines.

Here we are going to learn about intersecting lines. In Geometry intersecting lines means the pair of lines, which meet each other at one Point. If two lines are intersecting, then the point at which they meet is called the point of Intersection of intersecting line. So we can also say that if two or more lines meet at a point are called Intersecting Lines.
Intersecting Lines
If the two lines are intersecting, we call them coincident lines and the point on the x – y plane at which the two lines intersect is called the point of coincidence. If the pair of lines are intersecting, it means that in x and y axis, there exist a point (x, y) which satisfies the equations formed by both the lines.

In the pair of intersecting lines, we say that the pair of vertical opposite angles are equal. If we look at the real life example, a pair of scissors shows a pair of intersecting lines. If we look at the Set of English alphabets, we say that an alphabet “X” represents the pair of intersecting lines.

The sum total of all the four angles formed at the center of the pair of intersecting lines is equal to 360 degrees. Also we have just discussed that the pair of vertical opposite angles in the intersecting lines are equal, it indicates that there we can have only two measures of angles in the center point of the intersecting lines.

Infinite lines can pass through any given point. These infinite lines through a point are all intersecting. If the pair of lines are overlapping it indicates that they intersect each other at all the points and so the points of intersection of such lines are infinite.
Infinte Intersecting Lines