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Introduction to Geometry

Geometry is defined as the branch of mathematics which is concerned with the studies of the problems related to shape, size, position of figures, construction, measurement of angles sides, etc. In other words, it can be said as a science concerned with the studying of lengths, area and volumes.

There are different topics for the Introduction to Geometry including points, lines, planes and spaces, postulates and theorems etc. The basics of introduction geometry can be divided in three sections that include terminology, relationships and calculations. The geometric structures include Triangles and graphs. In triangles their structures, properties and the proofs of the theorems related to triangles are included while graphs includes points and lines and their length and slopes.

The word geometry is comes from the Greek word ‘geos’ and ‘metron’ having the meaning earth and measures respectively. Geometry is used for the survey, in astronomy navigation and to create the structure of the building. This is basically the study of angles and triangles, perimeters, areas and volumes of different structures. Geometry is differs from the Algebra as in algebra mathematical relationships are proved while geometry creates a logical structure.

In geometry a Point is the smallest thing and it’s defined the Position. A line is the second important and usual thing that is used in geometry. A line can be infinite and straight. In mathematical terms “a line is a Set of continuous points that can be extended in any direction infinitely.”

The other Basic Terms in geometry are defined below:

Line segment: A Line Segment is a Straight Line segment that is a part of the straight line between two points.

Ray: A Ray is a part of a line and it consists of the given points and the set of all the given points are on one side of the end point.

Angle: An angle is the measure between two line segments two rays that have a common end point.

Plane: A plane is a two dimensional surface that consist of two points means any point on a plane is defined with the two co ordinates ‘x’ and ‘y’ always.

In short geometry introduction is all about the shapes and the properties of the shapes and structures. There are two types of geometry named plane geometry and Solid geometry.

Plane geometry: Plane geometry includes flat shapes such as lines, circles and triangles and these shapes can be drawn on a piece of paper easily.

Solid geometry: Three dimensional objects are described by the solid geometry such as cubes, prisms and pyramids. These three dimensional objects have three co ordinates that Mean any point on these objects are described with the help of three co ordinates named x, y and z.