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TopWe must know that the parallelograms are the special types of quadrilaterals. We must know a parallelogram is a special type of quadrilateral, which we can also say that it looks like a tilted Rectangle. It directly indicates that the angles of the parallelogram are not equal to 90 degrees. On another hand, we also come to the conclusion that in a parallelogram, we have opposite pair of sides equal and parallel. We must remember the following properties of the parallelogram:

1. Opposite sides of the parallelogram are equal.
2. Opposite sides of the parallelogram are parallel.
3. Sum of Adjacent Angles of the parallelogram should be equal to 180 degrees, thus we say that the adjacent angles of the parallelogram are supplementary.
4. Opposite pair of angles of the parallelogram are equal in a parallelogram.
5. If the figure with us is a parallelogram, then we can also try that a parallelogram does not have any line of symmetry, but if we rotate it, then it has a Rotational Symmetry of order 2. So we say that a parallelogram is such a figure, which does not have a line of symmetry but its order of rotation is 2. So its angle of rotation can be calculated by the formula = 360/ 2 = 180 degrees.
So a parallelogram comes at the symmetric shape after the rotation of 180 degrees.
6. To find the area of the parallelogram, we must know the Altitude of the parallelogram, and we say that the area of the parallelogram = (base * altitude).
From a parallelogram, if we join the diagonals two Triangles are formed. These triangles have the base of the parallelogram and the altitude is same as of parallelogram. So Area of Triangle is half the area of parallelogram.