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What are the Properties of a Cuboid?

TopLet us look at a Cuboid, we observe that the cuboid is a three dimensional figure, which has 6 faces. Now we will study about: What Are the Properties of a Cuboid? We say that a Cuboid is a three dimensional figure formed by joining 6 faces, where each of the face of the cuboid is formed by a plane of rectangular shape.

A cuboid is a figure, which has its opposite faces formed by the parallel and congruent figures, which are rectangular in shape. Now let us look at the Surface Area of the cuboid.

 A cuboid is the figure which we can see in our daily life all around us. If we look at the mobile, shoe box, Pencil Box, Lunch box and many other objects, are formed in the shape of the cuboid.  To find the Surface Area of the cuboid, we say that if the length of the cuboid is ‘L’ inch, breadth is ‘B’ meters and the height is ‘H’ meters, then the Surface Area of the cuboid is the total sum of all the areas of the 6 faces of the cuboid. It is expressed as: 2 * (l * b + b * h + h * l), and it is measured in Square units.

Now we say that this cuboid takes the shape of the cube, in case we have the measures of the length, breadth and the height of the cuboid as same.

 To find the Volume of the cuboid , we Mean to find the storage capacity of the cuboid and it is calculated by multiplying the length , the breadth and the height of the cuboid. So we say that the volume of the cuboid = Length * breadth * height. We measure the volume of the cuboid in cubic units.