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What is a Rectilinear Figure?

TopThe basic elements of geometry which form its basis are points, lines & planes. As we know that a point is a dot made on a plane by some sharp, pointed object. It may be made on a paper as a hole made with a sharp pin or with the tip of a pen or a pencil on the paper. We represent points by a capital letter. For example, point ‘P’ or just ‘P’. A full stop that we put at the end of each sentence is an example of points.

A point, unlike other elements, has no length, no breadth, no thickness.

The next element is a line which can be drawn by joining any two points on a plane and extending in both directions. A line is straight and it extends infinitely in both the directions. Given a single point, we can draw an infinite number of lines passing through it. Whereas, there is exactly one line passing through two given points.

Line Segment can be defined as a part of a line with two fixed ends.

Unlike a line, a line segment has a fixed length.

These line segments form the base of the different figures, that we draw in geometry. We also draw curves and some figures with the help of both, line segments and curves. Some of these figures are rectilinear figures.

“Recti” means “straight” and “ linear” comes from “ line”. Thus, the figures drawn with the help of only line segments are called rectilinear figures. As we know that polygons are closed figures made up of only line segments, all polygons such as square, triangle, pentagon, etc. are examples of rectilinear figures. Even 3 - dimensional solid shapes like cubes, cuboids, prisms, etc. are examples of rectilinear figures.