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What is the Difference Between a Line and a Line Segment?

TopLine in Geometry is a one dimensional figure with zero width. It is also called as shortest distance on a plane between two pints whereas line segment is a one dimensional figure which has a length that can be measured but its width is 0.
How to name a Line Segment:
1. With the segment End points: When we are naming a segment with its end points lets suppose a segment with end points 'A' and 'B' then it will be called as AB. They are labeled in capital letters. Its symbol will be AB and we will read it as Line Segment AB. We can also apply a bar above the AB which shows a line segment instead a line which moves in both directions
2. Naming with a single letter: In above mentioned example, here we can simply call it as “x”. This representation is in lower case. It is basically used for naming sides of squares, rectangles and other polygons.
With these definitions we can describe two Components of geometry but now understand what is the difference between a line and a line segment with these below mentioned points.
· Line's length is not measurable but we can measure the length of a line segment, means it is not infinite like a line.
· Line's representation is with two arrows at the end but segment is represented with end points.
· A line can be extended in both the directions at any Point but a segment is can not be extended.
· A Segment is a part of line and its every point is in between its end points but a line is infinite and contains infinite points on it. Segment start from one point and ends at other point.
· A segment can be named with its end points where as a line is not.