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Why is Volume Measured in Cubic Units?

TopVolume generally refers to the term capacity or it is the quantity of space which is enclosed in three dimensional spaces. The volume formula is generally used for mathematical shapes like Cube, cone, cuboids, sphere, ellipsoid, rectangular Prism, trapezoid, parabolic cone etc. It is generally multiplication of three units like, length, base (width) and height of any item or quantity. Like for cube we have multiplication of length, base and height. Here we will discuss why is volume measured in cubic units?

Volume of cone is 1/3 π r 2 h and cylinder's volume is π r 2 h. Unit of volume is cube. Unit is in cubes because we have three parameters in case of cube and in cone and cylinder we have Square of radius and height.
We calculate volume as multiplication of three quantities like length, base (weight) and height (in case of cube).
When we find volume of any geometrical figure like cube then we basically calculate capacity of cube. So, we have to take in consideration, the length, height and width of cube. Formula of volume for cube is length * width * height. Therefore standard unit of cube is inch3 if side is in inches. Similarly for Sphere, volume is three times multiplication of radius (r) that is r3. Again unit for sphere will also be inch3 if radius is in inches. So we can say that we always measure volume of any geometrical quantity in cubic units.