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For parents who are concerned about their child’s conduct in math, there are many things to consider when choosing online tutors. The main advantage of online math tutoring is that students actually choose their math tutor to use an online way of tutoring. One needs to decide which method will make the child feel the most comfortable. Although many parents might not be very comfy using the computer, their kids are. Additionally, you want to make sure that whatever is chosen will be productive. 

Evidently most kids today have grown up with a joystick or a mouse in their hands. Children today love technology, from cell phones to online games to the internet. There are many different decisions when choosing math tutors one of which is whether to use online math tutoring, or a frontal in-person tutor. Math is a subject that a student in most cases hates, however a whole mound of professions these days require one to have a good knowledge of mathematics. Hence hang on the subject becomes important right from scratch.

Important Factors for Choosing Online Tutoring

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Here are some clear advantages of choosing online tutoring.
1. One of the primary benefits of online math tutoring is convenience. Students can just set any time and be able to connect from any location to experience online tutoring. There isn’t any need to travel to meet tutors. As a result there is more time to distillate on their assignments instead of worrying about traveling, or further issues that may be a minor distraction from their focus.

2. The second benefit is the ability to preserve tutoring sessions which enables students to examine and analyze any part of their session which might’ve not had received complete comprehension. The interactive white board enhances communication and helps both the tutor to help the student as per his/her requirements. This reduces stress for any student who may have missed a portion of what was being discussed.

3. Another benefit is reliability with tutors. Having a reliable guide is a very important aspect for a student’s confidence and progress. If there are any questions about subject matter, efficient tutors are also available to answer questions that the student may have.

4. Today’s youngsters are quiet familiar with using technology. The Internet, cell phones, online games and other devices are commonplace with today’s generation. Taking advantage of their technological skills in regards to their math education gives students a major heads up on time, opportuneness, and can even possibly increase their learning intellectual capacity.

Characteristics of a Good Tutor

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Characteristics of an Efficient Tutor are as follows:
  1. Guide students in the curriculum.
  2. Avoid doing problems for the student instead make them understand the problems.
  3. Encourage Students to Attend Classes.
  4. Address Nervousness of students.
  5. Teach Theories and Practice problems.
A math tutor should guide students through the math problems and its solution. A good tutor interrogates and asks students  various leading questions that will direct the student towards the correct steps in solving problems. He would simply not solve a problem instead make the students understand the step by step method of deriving at a solution. If the student cannot get the correct answer while solving math problems and asks for help, the tutor should analyze and understand what the student has done and try to locate the error. And later have the student work a related problem to ensure he/she has grabbed the concept or procedure f that particular topic. The main tutoring goal of a good tutor should be to help students become an independent student. To be able to solve problems at ease. In mathematics, it is always important to teach the main concepts rather than just the procedures. 

For example: A tutor should explain why it is important to follow a particular order in solving a problem, than just show the student how to solve a problem. Understanding  and working out the math concepts makes remembering the math procedures easy. Some students believe, getting help from a tutor is a substitute for attending class which is a wrong assumption. Students having difficulty in math must realize time spent with a tutor is additional learning to classroom time. Tutors will deal with students with varying degrees of math apprehension. If the student suffers from a high degree of math anxiety it may be helpful to refer the student to a guidance counselor. Sometimes it is helpful to learn about the student's math background than just burden him with learning.