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Algebra 1 Tutoring

Algebra 1 covers important topics in US high school math and is in line with the common core standards.  

Algebra 1 topics include

  • Linear equation
  • Simultaneous equations 
  • Quadratic equations
  • Binomial theorem
  • Functions
  • Linear inequalities
  • Factoring and polynomials
  • Rational expressions
When the common core standard was first introduced, it was welcomed with a little bit of apprehension.  It still is, but students will be able to learn mathematics at higher levels with greater ease.  If math is too easy in high school, it can become tough for students to initially cope and even clear college entrance.  Algebra 1 is neither too easy nor too difficult and keeps in mind the fact that math needs to be challenging as well as not too intimidating for high school students.   If students are finding algebra 1 a little challenging, they can take the help of tutors who can provide the individual attention and guidance required for them to help them to breeze through algebra.  A good knowledge of algebra will help students realize their dreams of becoming good innovators and scientists.  In fact, all the topics covered in algebra 1 can be lots of fun once students have a good understanding of them.