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Algebra 2 Tutoring

Algebra is the study of mathematics in which letters of the alphabet are used to represent numbers in order to study patterns.  Did you know that algebra is derived from the Arabic word al-jabr which means reunion of broken parts?  Cool, isn’t it?  In fact, the world and human beings in a large part think and sometimes act by processing patterns in experiential situations.  Moreover, algebra is an important topic to learn in order to navigate through the complex world of tomorrow.  It may even empower you to be a good innovator and problem-solver as you grapple with problems and challenges that come up in the future.  If you want to join and collaborate with like-minded technologists and scientists of the future, then joining university/college will give you the needed impetus.  With a good knowledge of algebra, you can be part of some exciting robotics and other cutting-edge research of the future.  So, aiming for an A grade in math will help you to become college ready and also make you all set for the exciting world of the future.   

Algebra 1 and algebra 2 comprise the middle and high school algebra course.  Algebra 2 is the advanced part of the algebra course. The main topics included in the Algebra 2 course are:
  • Graphing equations
  • The slope of A line
  • Writing equations of lines
  • Graphing inequalities
  • Solving systems of equations by graphing, substitution and addition
  • Solving systems of equations in three variables
  • Simplifying radical expressions
  • Adding/subtracting radical expressions
  • Multiplying/dividing radical expressions
  • Solving equations with radicals
  • Fractional exponents
  • Solving polynomial equations
  • Quadratic formula

Algebra 2 tutoring will help you to stay on top of all the topics that you learn under algebra 2.  You will be guided by experts to have a thorough and comprehensive knowledge of algebra 2 topics.  You can then join top-notch universities and can become ready for an exciting future.