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Geometry Tutoring

The word geometry is derived from the word geo- “earth” and metron- “measurement.”  Geometry can be defined as the study of shapes, sizes, relative positions of figures and properties of space.  
Some extra geometry tutoring may be required at times by students in middle school and high school. 
 With a comprehensive understanding of high school geometry topics, students who have a deep interest in geometry will be able to breeze through geometry classes in university.  
The main topics of high school geometry as per common core standards are as follows:
  • Congruence
  • Similarity, right triangles and trigonometry
  • Circles
  • Expressing geometric properties with equations
  • Geometric measurement and dimension
  • Modeling with geometry
  • Mathematical practices 
These topics will help students do further research in innovative technologies of the future.  It will help them to be part of cutting-edge research in robotics and computer science.  An expert geometry tutor can help students learn all middle and high school topics in depth.  They will encourage them to ask questions and study and contemplate the topics studied in depth.  With an in-depth study of geometry topics, students can do further research in university and come up with all sorts of innovative solutions to world problems.