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Precalculus Tutoring

Pre-calculus prepares high school students to study calculus.   What is calculus?  Calculus is defined as the mathematical study of change.  After studying algebra and trigonometry, high school students will be ready to study calculus beginning with the study of pre-calculus topics.  Pre-calculus topics include vectors, matrices, parametric equations and polar coordinates, imaginary and complex numbers, probability and combinatorics, sequences, series and induction, hyperbolic functions, partial function expansion and limits.

Expert tutors in math can help your child with specific coaching in pre-calculus topics.  Students will be able to aim for the elusive 100% in math tests and assignments with the help of some extra coaching.  In-depth understanding and practice of pre-calculus problems will help students tackle calculus problems with finesse.  With the help of expert math tutoring and pre-calculus tutoring, students will be able to perform better in college admission tests.  If your child is interested in a career in engineering, physics or math research, a good knowledge of pre-calculus and calculus topics will come in handy.  If your child is dreaming of doing research in robotics and advanced computer and information technology, a good foundation in mathematics is essential.  Students need to understand all pre-calculus and calculus topics in depth in order to be involved in the robotics and computer engineering innovations of the future.  An expert pre-calculus tutor will be able to provide individual attention.  The expert tutor will also guide students on how to solve all sorts of pre-calculus problems with reasonable ease and speed.