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Number Sense


As a child many have difficulty to understand maths. It may be due to the lack of common sense. There is a way through which the children can love maths by providing it the knowledge of numbers using real world examples. This is all about the Number sense.

What is Number Sense?

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Number sense is an ability to do a work without going to traditional work algorithm. It is a defined framework, which helps people to understand the Numbers, their relationship and provide the ability to solve the mathematical problems without following any specific rules. Number sense helps to think and reason flexibly with numbers, use numbers to solve problems, spot unreasonable answers, understand how numbers can be taken apart and put together in different ways, figure mentally, and make reasonable estimates.

It involves the following process:

  1. Estimating helps in real approximations of facts
  2. Judging the degree of accuracy
  3. Rounding the large numbers
  4. Measurement degree of facts
  5. Comparison measurement.

It helps in calculating the real facts in easy and in effective manner by using the real experiences. Number sense gives a way of understanding the things quickly by thinking of the pre images or pre calculations as they helps a lot in fast calculations.

Number Sense Definition

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Number sense can be defined as the subject which deals with sensing of numbers, by visualizing and it in real world and understanding. It is a concept where people connect the numbers with their real life experiences. It is a process of learning rather than following the rules or methods or putting direct instructions.

For example: A number six which shows on a dice as two groups of three dots means three puts three become six. This type of calculation in mind helps the children to maximize their memory power.

Number Sense have many advantages:

It helps in increasing the memory power with the speed of calculation power. It can understand by a fact that a thing which is seeing is much more understandable than a thing which is counted or calculated. It helps the students in three ways as follows.

· It helps the students to pick a new strategy.

· It motivates the teacher to find the type of thinking that is used and also the level of difficulty that is selected.

· It helps the persons to learn according to their own thinking.

For example a three digit number like 543 is more understandable if we divide it in two parts as 500 and 43.